If you own hooded eyes, you’re probably afraid of the hidden lids might make your eyes look smaller, even when they’re wide open. It’s easy to understand as sometimes when you try to put on much eyeshadow, but it soon disappears right after you open your eyes. That’s why we decide to tell you more about this matter – eye makeup for small hooded eyes.

We must admit that doing the eye makeup for hooded eyes is quite hard and different than other eye types’ makeup. You need to know the right way to make your eyes look bigger and wider, and make sure they don’t disappear after a long day working. Here, we offer some tricks and tips. Just follow the advice to make your hooded eyes pop:

Things to Avoid When You Have Hooded Eyes

When doing the eye makeup for hooded eyes, there are few things you need to consider or avoid. Unlike other eye and lid shapes that can handle anything, some makeup may make your eyes even smaller or more hooded than they actually are. Stay away from these techniques and colors to not cause any mistake for your eyes.

  1. All Over Dark Shadow: remember that a solid dark shadow over your hooded lids will obviously make your eyes smaller and closer. You can use dark shadow if you do it after finishing the smokey eye, and make sure it goes well with lighter tones and highlights.
  2. Highlight the brow bone: if you want to highlight your brow bone, just use a little bit. When you do much the highlight, it’ll surely emphasize the appearance of your hooded lids. The makeup tricks will no longer use after this.
  3. All Over Highlight: when we say you shouldn’t put too much dark shadow all over your hooded lids, we also mean you should avoid doing the same with the highlights. An all over highlight shade will make your eyes appear more hooded.

Tips to Do Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Actually, there are numerous ways to help open up your eyes and give them a wider look as well as bold appearance when going out or attending events.

  1. Accentuate the eyebrow: use an eyebrow pencil to darken your brows and define the area (if your brows are light). Don’t overdo as you just need a little help to frame your eyes.
  2. Emphasize your lashes: this way can make your eyes look bigger than before. Mascara is a good choice, or you can try with false lashes. Apply them from the center to the outer edge of the eye.
  3. Shade above the natural crease: this is a common technique when doing makeup for hooded eyes. By shading to your natural crease or putting a little definition in the crease to highlight it, your eyes will stand out and appear larger.
  4. Work the outer corner, and do the highlight above and shade below: these tricks will create an illusion and make people think that you have rounded eyes. Apply the highlight and shade will help your eyes open right up and even wider than before.
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